Luckey Baptist Church
Sunday, January 24, 2021
Knowing Christ, Growing Together, Making a Difference for Eternity

Our Affiliations



Luckey Baptist Church is in partnership with three organizations :

The Jefferson Baptist Association:

42 churches that fellowship together and
work together to reach Jefferson County

The Missouri Baptist Convention:

Churches that choose to fellowship together
with the goal of evangelizing our state.

The Southern Baptist Convention

Churches that cooperate together in a world-wide effort for missions. We now wholeheartedly support these three groups in helping start many other new churches and to strengthen the established church for the purpose of fulfilling the great commission through our giving.




It is the largest association of Christian churches in America:

One out of every 10 churches in America is affiliated with the SBC
(42,000 churches and 16 million members — more than most other denominations combined).

It is the most diverse association of churches:

SBC churches include every race, nationality, and ethnic group.  
Each Sunday, services are held in over 80 languages in the U.S.

It is one of the fastest growing groups:

The SBC baptized over 400,000 new Christians in the year 2000 in the U.S. and begins nearly 5 new churches a day!



We are an independent church!  Every SBC church is completely independent.  There is no denominational control or hierarchy, as there are in most other denominations.  Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs.

For example:

Every SBC church chooses its own pastor

Every SBC church owns its own buildings and assets

Every SBC church determines its own programs